Tiny habit for image streaming leads to faster writing

I got lucky with a recent habit change. Today, after feeling bad about my lack of progress with my writing, and after mild desperation caused me to reread the checklist for creating a new tiny habit in the appendix of Tiny Habits, I decided to integrate a tiny image-streaming habit in my writing workflow: “After no inspiration for five seconds, I will ‘search the darkness’ for three seconds”. What does search the darkness mean?

The next five years

I inquired of my subconscious what my plan is for the next five years. It gave me three images. A silhoette of a forest; snapped small trunk; silhoutte of a man standing, looking right, silhoutte of an old woman looking toward me. A rocket ship on the left. Two blue lines extend from the top and the bottom of it to meet at a point to the right.

Dogecoin lay of the land (lol) 2

Here’s my quick lay of the land: Ross Nicoll committed four changes yesterday on message headers, segwits, checkpoints, and seeds. No fundamental changes to the code but parameter values changed. Matt, Nick Ballz, itsALLrisky, and Slim Jim remain strong for Dogecoin. Barry called for a weekend BTC ceasefire. Doge and BTC suspended in their current values at around $0.31 and $36.3k. Memorial Day weekend incoming 😊 AMC share count on the 2nd; AMC down ~28% from ATH yesterday .

Subconscious consultation

Knowledge-acquisition mostly happens for me and likely others when I experience vivid visuals. The vivid visuals for me require both time (a thirty second timer is adequate) and space (gotta be undisturbed) where I can close my eyes and let them flowing in. I did this for this paragraph. When I closed my eyes before typing this paragraph, my imagination showed me a rolling ball, a man facing me closing his eyes in meditation, and a orange-gray mushroom cloud stemming from the top of his head.


Five indicators comprise the Ichimoko Kinko Hyo “one glance cloud chart”. You have the two moving averages: Kijun-Sen for long-term and Tenkan-Sen for the short-term. Like all MA indicators, the short-term crossing the long-term indicates a buy or sell signal. After this are the two Senkou spans and the cloud the outline. The first Senkou span’s based on the KS and TS; the second averages the highest high added to the lowest low.

I attempted to "Odyssean trade"

I tried setting things up so that I can’t trade, so that I can’t paperhands. That is, I tried making it so that I couldn’t access the Robinhood account, so that I was a hodler whether I wanted to or not. To this end, I needed to make it so that I can’t use the password, use the email to reset the password, or use the phone to reset the password.

Hash functions

A hash function is one of the cryptographic primitives used to “protect communication in the presence of adversaries” (Gensler, Fall 2018). The same input will always provide the same output, a string of 0’s and 1’s in the case of SHA256(?). Knowing the hash function’s internals in most cases does not make it less secure. Afaik, you can know the SHA256 internals and the outputs and will be none-the-wiser on the what the input was.

Lost 4k Dogecoin

I sold $5k worth of Doge near the end of a bear run (I didn’t know when it’ll end), and I fucked up a RH limit order before the current bull run (when I saw it starteing). I set my Doge limit order by accident, and it never went in. This made only $5k worth of Dogecoin rise with $5k not growing. My Dogecoin pot went from 31.5k to 27.5k. Lost 4k DOGE :( I feel sick and sad and little suicidal, but I’m gonna put some checklists in place and get through this.


The Wyckoff method and schematics detail the process by which large institutions pull money from the masses. Large institutions buy and sell amongst themselves to create the appearance of a booming (bull) or reversing (bear) market to attract retail investors to buy at nearly just the wrong time, letting them pull in lots of money on a grand scale: Getting a little from each person–but also a little from a lot of people.

Starting ClojureScript

Dunning-Kreuger’s alive and well in spirit. I started a ClojureScript project expecting it to be easy, but I hit several roadblocks trying to create it. While trying to make a local app that lets me write paragraphs efficiently, I learned that I don’t know Cljs setup, React, nor how to make this work with HTML. I had trouble with Leiningen, esp. with ClojureScript. I barely got the QuickStart page up using the standalone jar.