GitHub couples releases with tags.

I made a GitHub Actions workflow that builds and releases from a repo whenever I push a tag. The on-tag part came from Sean Corfield’s workflow, which I modeled. Patrick’d prefer to avoid thinking of tags (As Elon Musk says, “All input is error”), but GitHub appears to couple releases with tags. The current actions required for a release workflow are git:

  1. add [files]
  2. commit -S -m "[message]"
  3. push
  4. tag v[tag number]
  5. git push origin tag

3 pushes files, 5 pushes the tag which triggers the workflow. Keeping 1 manual, mayhaps I could combine 3-5 with a Babashka script. Have the major, minor, patch version in an edn file, have Babashka slurp and read it, reset/increment some/all of the three numbers, make a string from the three, then make and push a tag from this string. Would reduce friction of manually incrementing seeing what version we’re at and tagging by hand.