(Clojure) environment setup

I had fun reinstalling (three times on three different Windows computers): WSL2, Ubuntu, Docker (pulled it off W10 and put it exc. on Ubuntu for WSL), and emacs. Important to emacs, after seeing blank files with emacs and full files with nano, after opening a file, I learned to hit a key to show the contents. The terminal doesn’t get the cue to reload the screen with the emacs output. After this I learned to save files with C-x C-s and to find files with C-x C-f, using tab completion’s neat, letting you find files faster. After this I learned to configure git and to hold off on using the –S (sign) switch until I re-figure out the GPG key. Don’t need to sign/prove that the commits are mine yet, so I’ll use the time to figure out how to develop with a Docker instance of Clojure.