Atom has a poor user experience for keybindings, unlike VS Code

Atom doesn’t let you disable just one keymap from a package. Not from the settings at least. It has you either keep all or reject all without further keymap manipulation. lisp-paredit strict mode near-gave me an aneurysm when it hijacked my main commands like C-w for closing the window–and Atom didn’t let me easily remove it without bombing the rest of the keybindings.

Atom’s keybinding hell.

Contrast this to VS Code which says fuck that and lets you decide what each function’s keybinding should be. You go to a list of keybindings and double click the function–in-built or installed package–and you get a prompt to set it there, with the keybinding itself. You can also right click and delete the binding entirely–something you’d need to “unset!” for in Atom. Nicee.

VS Code’s keybinding experience rocks

I’m still using Atom tho.