Proto REPL with Atom on Windows: Press Ctrl + Alt + comma... let go, and then press y to connect to the nREPL

Proto REPL offers weird keymaps for connecting to the “network REPL” (nREPL): C-M-,y I didn’t know the comma was part of it, so I pressed C-M-y (Ctrl + Alt + y at the same time), no result. I pressed C-M, let go, and then pressed y. It just typed “y” with no result. I tried C-M-,-y (all at the same time). I felt something was broken until I accidentally let go after pressing the comma and pressed y.

Successfully bring the nREPL up with keybindings

The form to decide the port for the repl came up 😁 The satisfaction of that prompt justified the pain to that point ha.