To modify Windows Registry keys, the administrator can't modify the keys nor its own permissions... but it can add a user and give full permissons... makes sense ha

For more streamlined development, I like Powershell to open up to the right directory, so a while back, I set up the context menu for Powershell. To learn to do this, I read How-To Geek’s article and noticed an option to make the option show with I press “shift” with the right click. This involves adding an “Extended” value name (key of a key… Windows registry terms) with blank data. When I satisfied my curiosity and decided to remove it… error. No permissions. Try to add permissions for admin… error (note: I can’t manually set the owner of the key back to TrustedInstaller, so I can’t show the error atm :/). Google searches would reveal something absurd: an admin can’t modify its own permissions by default :(… but can make myself the owner and add a new user (me) and permissions for that user including write access… In the words of Dusty Slay, “We’re having a good time”.